Feng Shui Macdonald's Offers Calm and Fries

A McDonald in GermanyA McDonald's restaurant in California has become the first in the nation to undergo a Feng Shui makeover in a bid to encourage customers to linger over their Big Macs and fries.

Instead of the chain's traditional bright red and yellow palette, the Hacienda Heights branch, just east of Los Angeles, boasts symmetrically-balanced seating in earthy tones, water features, exotic fauna as well as a large column in the entrance designed to block out bad spirits while keeping good ones inside.

According to the company, the water elements, which symbolise life and relaxation, are located outside the dining area while "elements of fire and red accents" occur throughout the restaurant to "symbolise good luck, laughter and light".

"We chose a Feng Shui design that creates a soothing environment for our customers to better enjoy their dining experience," said Mark Brownstein, who operates the restaurant.

Source: Telegraph