Firm Working To Clone Pit Bull

Snuppy, the first successfully cloned dogThe world's first pet cloning service is to offer animal lovers the chance to recreate their dead companions.

South Korean company RNL Bio will work alongside scientists who created the first cloned canine.

A company spokeswoman said it was already working on its first order from an American who wanted a clone of her dead pit bull.

The client, Bernann McKunney, of California, was very attached to the pet because it had saved her life during an attack by another dog.

Kim Yoon said that ear tissue from the dog had been preserved at a US biotech laboratory before its death.

DNA from the sample could now be used in an attempt to create a clone, she said, although the chances of success were about 25%.

RNL Bio is charging customers $150,000 (£75,000) for the clones, which clients pay only after they receive their new pet.

Source: Guardian