'Horn Tones' Let Drivers Customise Their Honk

The humble "honk honk" of the car horn may soon be a thing of the past - a US company has released an MP3 version which lets you choose your own sounds to scare pedestrians with.

HornTones, a new gadget by technology company ThinkGeek, stores up to ten different tones, and comes with a USB plug socket to allow you to add your own. It is now selling for $299.

ThinkGeek kindly provides a few suggestions for how to use its latest toy, including playing the music from the Empire Strikes Back when outside the tax office; the Back to the Future theme as you approach eighty-eight miles an hour (presumably only on a German autobahn); and the Road-Runner "meep-meep" just before you accelerate away.

Video: YouTube
Source: Telegraph
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