Ice That Contains Human Waste Flattens Shed

Lloyd with ice that flattened shedStunned Lloyd Gater had his garden shed demolished – by a block of ice from a plane’s toilet.

Lloyd, 32, feared Armageddon when he heard an ear-splitting crash as he sat down to dinner with his family.

He ran into the garden to find the shed in ruins, and a chunk of ice the size of a television set embedded in the wreckage.

Builder Lloyd, a dad of two, said: “The ice was everywhere and bits of the shed were scattered all over the lawn. “My barbecue was completely flattened and my lawnmower is ruined.

The chunk which hit Lloyd’s house in Sutton, Surrey, was so-called “blue ice”, caused by onboard plumbing problems. It is coloured by toilet chemicals and includes human waste.

Source: The Sun
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