Late Delivery Again In Japan -- Card Returned 29 Years Later

A message in a bottleIn Japan, it seems, never give up on your letter reaching its destination. A bottled card released in the sea by children has been returned nearly three decades later, the teacher said Thursday, only a week after Japan was marvelling at another long-lost letter found on a fish.

In the latest incident, a construction worker found a tiny glass bottle on the shore of the northern Shimokita Peninsula.

Inside, he found a card sent in 1979 from middle-school students some 1,200 kilometres (740 miles) away in western Japan as part of a class science project.

The construction worker, Masaaki Kondo, 54, complied with the instructions to return the card and specify his name, the place and time he found it and the current weather.

It arrived on Tuesday at the school in Tottori, where the current class of students aged 13-15 were half the age of the card.

Source: Afp
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