Mechanic's Urinal Mercedes

ToiletA young Taiwanese mechanic with an unconventional approach to auto-engineering is suspected of having tried to improve a Mercedez-Benz car by attaching a stolen sensor from a urinal.

Police sources in the country have leaked - as it were - the story that Wang Chi-sheng, of Taipei, was arrested on suspicion of trespassing on the grounds of a closed-down petrol station and stealing the sensors used on the urinals.

The police officers escorting Mr Wang have said that they laughed openly as they heard the details of his plan to incorporate the toilet parts in his testing regime as he tried to improve a luxury Mercedes-Benz automobile.

Commenting on the young man's scheme, an incredulous Taiwanese Mercedes-Benz technical department called the plan "unbelievable".

"The probability of successfully using a sensor from a public urinal to replace special factory-made sensors was and remains zero," they said in a statement.

Source: Telegraph