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More links for 1 Feb 2008

Beautiful picture of the chemtrail rainbow. [Zullophoto]
Why we kiss? [Scientific American]
Study traces blue eyes to ancient mutation. [Nzherald]
A man has started a two-and-a-half year walk from Bristol to India without any money - to show his faith in humanity. [BBC]
A dog playing in the snow. [YouTube via Arbroath]
The inflatable mouse. [Techeblog]
A head-copter. [LiveLeak]
City sues man for canceling trash service. [Examiner]
Brazilian paleontologists Thursday unveiled a fossil of a creature that they said is the "missing link" between prehistoric and present-day crocodiles. [Yahoo News]
The Beatles' song Across the Universe will be the first ever to be beamed directly into space next week. [Lep]
14th-century map of Britain. [DailyMail]
Why is scratching so relieving? [Newsweek]


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