More links for 13 Feb 2008

Dubai to build world's largest arch bridge. [Techeblog]
The Mosquito, which emits a sound that can be heard only by the young, has been quietly clearing shopping precincts around Britain for the past two years. [This Is London]
Amazing moment the world's biggest Christ was struck by lightning. [DailyMail]
How do you grow a glacier? Make a boy and a girl glacier get it on. [60 Second Science]
World's most romantic restaurants. [Concierge]
These guys are standing in one of the gigantic legs belonging to the ‘tallest structure ever moved by humans over the surface of the earth. [Deputy-Dog]
Man arrested at gunpoint after police mistake his MP3 player for a gun. [DailyMail]
A woman who was walking her dog in South Boston said Monday that she was stunned to see her pet leap into the air after getting a powerful shock. [YouTube]
Are the most magical moments from some of our favorite fairy tales actually possible? [LiveScience]

The Romans carried out cataract ops. [BBC]