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More links for 5 Feb 2008

After the jump, count the number of people in the image, wait for the image to change, than count the number of people again. Results: 12 = 13. [Tamu-Commerce]
Live eagle cam. [Eagle Cam, Thanks Steve!]
A UK Designer has come up with a full-sized wheel that can be completely folded. With video! [Gizmodo]
True blue roses to be sold first in Japan. [Inventor Spot]
Inhaling pig brains may be cause of new Illness. [Washington Post]
'Body Worlds' entrepreneur to sell corpse cross-sections. [Spiegel]
The world’s largest turbine that powers 5,000 homes. [Eco Geek]
Musical instruments created from car parts. [Autoblog]
Ford spins car at 6Gs for real. [YouTube]


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