New Weapon Against Terror: A Flashlight?

A FlashlightFor riots and chaotic situations, police often use tasers, rubber bullets and pepper spray to try and control the crowd. But there could soon be a new weapon in their arsenal: a hi-tech flashlight with a big punch.

"Flashblindness, the 'Oh my gosh this light is really bright, I can't see anything behind it.' That effect is immediate for everybody," said Bob Lieberman, president of Intelligent Optical Systems.

Nausea and a feeling of disorientation soon follow. The device is called the "LED Incapacitator."

The device flashes LED lights at several specific frequencies. Before your brain has time to adjust to one frequency, the Incapacitator flashes another. Add multiple colors and random pulses and the brain just can't keep up.

"The longer you look at this, the more you don't want to look at it," said Lieberman. "The closer you are to it, the more intense the effect."

The only ways to escape the effects? "Close your eyes, put your hand up, turn your head away, all of which will give the user the advantage they need," said Lieberman.

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Source: Cbs13
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