Newborn Baby Survives Fall Through Train Toilet Onto Tracks

A newborn baby girl fell through the toilet in a moving train and onto the tracks moments after her mother prematurely gave birth, surviving nearly two hours before being found, relatives said Thursday.

The child's mother, who uses the single name Bhuri, was traveling with relatives on an overnight train when she went to the bathroom shortly before midnight Tuesday and unexpectedly gave birth to a baby girl, said Arjun Kumar, her brother-in-law.

"Later, she fell unconscious and the baby fell through the toilet," he continued. "Two stations later, we knocked at the door." Bhuri opened the door, soaked in blood.

"When we asked her about what happened, she said the baby had fallen through onto the tracks," Kumar said.

Video: Clip Syndicate
Source: Msnbc
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andy cochrane said…
this story is incredible, it really seems completely unbelievable and yet there is video and everything to back it up. sometimes real life is much more convoluted and fake sounding than our imaginary stories!