Peruvian Surfing Cat Is Making Waves

Domingo Pianezzi, of Lima, Peru, believes that his small cat Nicolasa enjoys catching tubes almost as much as catching mice. This unexpected feline pastime was apparently discovered when Domingo took Nicolasa to Lima's San Bartolo beach and the young moggy leapt on board. While the popular myth may have it that cats can't stand water, Nicolasa seems quite content on the open waves. More pictures of the surfing cat after the jump.

Image Gallery: Telegraph
Video: Reuters
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Robert said…
The really bad thing here is that the cat is in serious danger of drowning, even in that mild surf. It's true that cats can swim, but they are not equipped to swim in the surf of the ocean--the occasional stream or pond maybe, but not in waves, not even small ones like that. Also, this Domingo Pianezzi person, on other websites has photos where he puts a floatation jacket on the dogs he surfs with to help them keep their heads above water, and yet the cat, which needs more help, has no floatation. HOUSECATS ARE NOT BIG ENOUGH TO HANDLE EVEN SMALL SURF. Not to mention the fact that the cat is obviously miserable. Somebody needs to hold this guy's head in a toilet for a few minutes and see how he likes it. Hopefully the local PETA chapter will pay him a little visit.