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Six-Year Old's Case Closed

Jamie-Lee MorganA six-year-old girl sparked a massive police hunt, including the scrambling of a helicopter, after climbing into a suitcase while playing hide-and-seek.

Jamie-Lee Morgan had zipped herself up in the case while hiding from her grandfather, Bernard Phillips, 58, but fell asleep inside, where she remained for four hours. Mr Phillips and the child's parents searched his home, but there was no sign of the girl.

Her mother, Charlotte Phillips, 24, alerted the police. A squadron of officers sifted through hedges in fields, trawled through alleys and questioned neighbours.

During the search, a police helicopter was drafted in to see if they could locate Jamie-Lee from the air.

Just as the situation became more tense, the schoolgirl awoke, at the same time as officers revisited Mr Phillip's home in Bridgwater, Somerset.

One stunned policeman watched as the case began bouncing around.

He unzipped it and found Jamie-Lee curled up inside.

Source: This Is London & Scotsman

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