Unborn Twins 'Kicked Out Cancer'

Michelle Stepney with her two daughtersA mother who found she had a tumour while pregnant was saved by her unborn twins' kicking, doctors have said.

Michelle Stepney developed a tumour but was only diagnosed with cervical cancer when she was taken to hospital with a suspected miscarriage. But doctors found her twins' kicking had dislodged the tumour.

Mrs Stepney, from Cheam, south-west London, refused to undergo chemotherapy and a hysterectomy which would have meant the termination of her twins.

"I couldn't believe it when the doctors told me that the babies had dislodged the tumour," she said. "I'd felt them kicking but I didn't realise just how important their kicking would turn out to be."

Mrs Stepney, who also had a five-year-old son called Jack, said she opted to have her life-saving operation after the twins were born.

"I owe my life to my girls, and that's why I could have never agreed with a termination," she said.

Source: BBC
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