Washington Vet, Courtney Oliver, is Only 10

In the state of Washington, a young, 10-year-old Courtney Oliver has acquired her college degree. It took her a mere eight months. Now she is an assistant veterinarian at South Bay Veterinary Hospital in Olympia, where she volunteers her services one day a week. Since she is so young, her mother must accompany her when she performs surgery on an animal, according to state law. Her mentor, Dr. Michelle Shoemaker, maintains that the 10-year-old assistant vet is a constant marvel and that she and the staff constantly quiz Courtney, amazed at her broad range of knowledge.

Oliver said that she decided to become a vet when she noticed that she had so many pets and that she loved taking care of them.

Video: Clip Syndicate
Source: Komotv & Ac
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