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World's Fattest Man Drops 230kg

Manuel UribeThe world's fattest man, according to the Guinness Book of Records, proudly announced he has lost 230kg - nearly half his original weight - in less time than doctors had expected.

"I'm going to throw a big party," Manuel Uribe said.

"I'm getting out of my house and going for a walk" in Monterrey, where he lives in northern Mexico.

Mr Uribe, 42, weighed in at 570kg at his heaviest and for five years has been bed-ridden at his home, where his mother and fiancee help him.

Doctors from neighbouring United States, Italy and Mexico for two years have been helping Mr Uribe lose weight through dieting and exercise.

His goal, he said, is dropping to a slim 120kg in four more years.

Source: News.com.au

He's gonna throw a party with lots of ice cream and cake.

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