Baby Can Read At 17 Months

Elizabeth Barrett is now 17 months old. She looks and acts like most babies her age, but Elizabeth can read.

Her mother Katy, a speech pathologist who is married to Michael, another speech pathologist, said that most people don't believe their infant is a reader.

Aside from reading books every day, play-time means mom writes down a word on paper and Elizabeth figures it out. Katy explained that Elizabeth not only reads the word, but signs them as well.

Katy is convinced that sign language helped launch her daughter's reading skills, partly by watching shows like "Signing Times" on public television.

So what does her doctor think? Dr. Steve Stripling, Elizabeth's pediatrician, says at 14 months he saw her sight read the word avocado. "I was floored", he said.

Source: Koaa via Arbroath
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Anonymous said…
It is a great skill to have. I do not think it is anything to be alarmed about. One logical explanation can be that if her mother worked during her pregnancy, her profession as a speech pathologist could have had a good influence on the baby inside her. I am no expert but this could be one possibility. Or of course, there could be genetic factors - a field which we have yet to figure out completely. And of course, their sign language helping from day 1, could have had an impact too. If someone can forward this to the parents, hopefully they have one or two new ideas (if not already) about this whole thing. God has created each person as unique or special. This ability would definitely help her ahead in future, where in today's competitive world, she can maybe read faster than others or something. Continue the good work.