Musician Plays Burning Piano

A performance with a burning pianoFamed Japanese jazz pianist Yosuke Yamashita has expressed his burning passion for music by setting his piano on fire.

At a sunset performance on at beach in Ishikawa Prefecture, western Japan, the 66-year-old Yamashita, wearing a firefighter's uniform, recently played an improvised jazz piece before about 500 spectators seated in a wide semicircle around him.

No sooner had he begun playing, the piano burst into performance for a full ten minutes before all the strings were burnt out or snapped and the piano went quiet.

"I did not think I was risking my life but I was almost suffocating from the smoke that was continuously getting into my eyes and nose.

“I had decided to keep on playing until the piano stopped making sounds, so though I did not mean it but it ended up having a life-or-death battle between the piano and myself," said Mr Yamashita.

After the performance, there were some criticisms in Japan that it was wasting a piano.

Video: LiveLeak
Source: Sbs via Arbroath
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Anonymous said…
What a pathetic waste. I don't get it. That wasn't special, or even remotely interesting. It was just a waste.
Anonymous said…
second, a complete waste. And an "improvised jazz piece"??? Why not at least play some epic classical music? Something that could relate to the fire.
Seriously...They could have played Light My Fire, or Ring of Fire, or We Didn't Start the Fire, even Burning Down the House would have worked. *Sigh* It could have been awesome.