Walrus falling in love with a human!

SmooshiIt's a love story of a different kind.

Marineland's Smooshi, a 365 kilogram female walrus, is completely enamoured with trainer Phil Demers. Her devotion to Demers surprises marine biologists and veterinarians and defies the norms of the animal/human relationship.
"There has never been a bond like this," Demers says.

"She will follow me anywhere. In marine biology you're in a stimulus-controlled setting where the primary reinforcement in training is the use of fish. That's not the case with Smooshi. She responds to me by sight, smell and voice. If she hears me in the building she barks until I attend."

Smooshi's attraction to Demers is so great that he is able to take her into the park for walks. It's an eye-catcher that draws and amazes large crowds.

"It's unheard of," says Demers. "It would take forever to train an animal to do that and you'd have to have a pouch of fish and be leading it all the way. Smooshi won't leave my side in a totally uncontrolled environment. I will even go so far as to say if I was standing beside the ocean she would not leave my side.

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Emmie said…
What an amazing love affair!!Thats a real interesting video.Thanx a lot for sharing it. That might be an interesting element of research. Meanwhile do peep into my Love blog, till date I have only written about the humans there, your article is giving me better ideas now.Cheers.
Anonymous said…
have you guys checked out their website yet?
Spluch said…
We've already linked to their video.. not quite sure what you mean..