A Fly Catching Device for the 2008 Olympics

Flies catching deviceFor Mr Lin, catching files with his bear hands is an easy feat. But to eradicate the flies and ensure sustained control is also not a simply task. As such, Mr Liu Yuxing, a retired technician who is a famous inventor has invented a files catching device.

He said that as early as in the 1980s, in a technology exchange convention while having lunch with a group of foreign experts, flies flying around from time to time made him extremely embarrassed. Thus, he decided to come up with a way of eradicating them.

His device, based on the principle of how frog catches flies makes use of a vacuum device to trap them. The bait will be a piece of raw fish.

According to Liu Yuxing, he tested the device in Wuhan Steel Mill where flies were not so concentrated and found that 400 to 800 flies were caught daily. He claimed that the device is capable of catching more even reaching the thousands if deployed in flies concentrated areas. He has already got a patent for it and the estimated cost for production is $106. The Olympic Organization of Beijing has decided to test out his invention at two garbage collection centers.

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Video: Youku
Source: 0517City