Mermaid Girl Beats The Odds

It's an extremely rare deformity in which babies are born with their legs fused together. Known as "Mermaid Syndrome," the condition is almost always fatal.

But the eight-year-old Kennebunkport girl has beaten most of the odds. Doctors believed Shiloh Pepin would probably die after she was born. "Because with Shiloh she didn't have kidneys, they said she wouldn't survive," said Shiloh's mom Leslie Pepin.

"She just started developing. We put her in pre-school, she started taking dance classes, she started growing and climbing up and down the stairs. She started getting in and out of her chair, meeting all of her challenges," said Leslie Pepin.

After years of dialysis and two kidney transplants, Shiloh believes she can do anything if she puts her mind to it. Soccer is one of her favorite sports.

"I usually want to try it and now I am really good at it and it's really fun," said Shiloh.

Video: LiveLeak
Source: Wcsh6
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