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Woman Has Had Hiccups For Last 20 Years

A Berkeley Springs woman has been hiccupping her way through life. For most people, hiccups are a pesky result of a meal eaten too fast, or too many drinks at the bar. However, for 80-year-old Alice Hobday, hiccups have been a constant ailment for the last 20-years.

"Yeah, a continuous thing; I get them everyday," said Alice Hobday, who still has hiccups after 20 years.

"She'll get like a 5-10 minute break, and then they're back again," said Vanessa Ashcraft, Alice's daughter.

Alice said she has no idea where her hiccups came from, and though they aren't really painful, after more than 15 unsuccessful doctor visits, they are getting to be a bit of a bother.

Video: LiveLeak
Source: Msnbc
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