‘Miraculous’ Recovery for Man Who Fell 47 Floors

The window washer who survived a 47-story fall from a New York City skyscraper is expected to walk again and make a near 100 percent recovery, doctors said today.

"If we can talk about medical miracles, this certainly qualifies," said Dr. Herbert Pardes, President and Chief Executive Officer of New York-Presbyterian Hospital, during a morning press conference.

Alcides Moreno broke at least 10 bones, including multiple ribs, his right arm and both legs. The 37-year-old father of three has undergone several surgeries and received 22 units of blood, 9 units of plasma and several units of platelets.

Doctors expect to discharge Moreno in several weeks. He still requires surgeries to stabilize his spine and the walls of his stomach, Pardes said.

A full recovery could take up to a year, Pardes said. Doctors said it is remarkable Moreno survived at all.

New York Times have a more detailed 2 page report.

Video: Livevideo
Source: New York Times & NJ
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