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Teen Mother Only Realized She Is Pregnant After Giving Birth at McDonald


A baby was born in a McDonald's restroom in Vancouver, and the 16-year-old 27-year-old 29-year-old mother didn't even know she was pregnant.

It was evening shift last Friday at the fast-food restaurant at State Route 500 and Gher Road when employee Danille Miller suddenly felt ill and ran for the bathroom. Her co-worker, Jaynae Herrera, followed.

"I was like are you pregnant?" Herrera asked. "Because she was in the bathroom, and I'm like, are you pregnant? She says, I don't think so. A couple minutes later, she says the baby is coming out, and that's when I started freaking out."

Herrera, with the assistance of a 911 dispatcher, helped her deliver baby Austin Laddusaw, and both mother and baby are fine.

Miller said, "I was so shocked I couldn't talk. I was shaking the whole time. I didn't stop shaking until three the next morning.

Video: Clip Syndicate
Source: Kptv & Koin
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Actually, the woman who gave birth was 27 and didn't work at McDonalds. The 16 year old employee only helped deliver the baby.

Thanks for the correction... I guess the news media do make mistakes sometimes...

Well Danille is actually 29 will be 30 in a month . She is a shift manager at The McDonalds the baby was delivered at . She also has 3 other kids ,2 boys 6 and 8 and one girl 4 .

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