Teen Mother Only Realized She Is Pregnant After Giving Birth at McDonald


A baby was born in a McDonald's restroom in Vancouver, and the 16-year-old 27-year-old 29-year-old mother didn't even know she was pregnant.

It was evening shift last Friday at the fast-food restaurant at State Route 500 and Gher Road when employee Danille Miller suddenly felt ill and ran for the bathroom. Her co-worker, Jaynae Herrera, followed.

"I was like are you pregnant?" Herrera asked. "Because she was in the bathroom, and I'm like, are you pregnant? She says, I don't think so. A couple minutes later, she says the baby is coming out, and that's when I started freaking out."

Herrera, with the assistance of a 911 dispatcher, helped her deliver baby Austin Laddusaw, and both mother and baby are fine.

Miller said, "I was so shocked I couldn't talk. I was shaking the whole time. I didn't stop shaking until three the next morning.

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Source: Kptv & Koin
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Anonymous said…
Actually, the woman who gave birth was 27 and didn't work at McDonalds. The 16 year old employee only helped deliver the baby.
Spluch said…
Thanks for the correction... I guess the news media do make mistakes sometimes...
PaPa bear said…
Well Danille is actually 29 will be 30 in a month . She is a shift manager at The McDonalds the baby was delivered at . She also has 3 other kids ,2 boys 6 and 8 and one girl 4 .