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A Cat That Talks When Scratched

World's Brightest House

'Van Gogh' Sketchbook Found

Bird Can Mimic Any Sound Including Those of Chainsaws

Fruit Salad Literally Grows On Tree

Garden Fountain Used as a Punch Bowl

Man Breaks World Record with 109 Head Spins In a Row

Berkeley Man Saves All His Trash for a Year

Man Finds $100K in Stocks inside Sale Cabinet

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Amazing Pool Kid

Magic Teaspoon

Harp-Shaped Radiator

Teenager Sunk His New Car at the Beach

Nurse Saves Pet with Kiss Of Life

The Death And Life of Ice Cream

Baby Miracle Refused Visa by NZ Govt

'Potholes' on the Highway

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Boy Says TV Helped Him Survive Avalanche

Lightning Calculation and Other "Mathemagic"

Mother Marries Foster Son

Pilot Lands Safely After Propeller Falls Off

James Bond Stamps to Be Launched

Egg Shaped like Gold Ingot

Snorting a Brain Chemical Could Reduce Sleep

Two Cars in One

Bird Playing Dead

Meow! It's Hello Kitty for Young Men

Woman Without Arms Uses Feet to Dial Cell, Type, Thread Needle

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Furs Found After 30 Years in Storage

Girl, 12, Is Sole Survivor of Panama Plane Crash

A Smile in the Sky

Moo Moo - When You Miss Someone

Artist’s Friends Scatter Ashes Worldwide

Overweight Wombat Gets Stuck In a Flower Pot

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