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Fisherman Swims 10 Hours to Shore

Newborn Baby Survives Fall Through Train Toilet Onto Tracks

Real-Life 'Italian Job' Snags $20 Million in Jewels

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Hidden Toilet Now Fully Operational

The Teenage Girl Who Is Allergic To Water

Romanian Police Officers to Take Ballet Classes

Male Spiders Play Dead for Sex

Boss Bans Smelly Undies

10ft Receipt for Three Items

Son's Tooth Helps Man Gain Vision

New Perfume Smells of Blood and Sweat

'Bird Boy' Found In Russia

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Fake Leg for Landmine Elephant

Man Builds Cage For Car

Three-Man Snowboard

Giant Bicycle

Stairlift to Heaven for Henry the Dog

'Horn Tones' Let Drivers Customise Their Honk

Professional Pooper Scoopers Vie for Title

Cutting Trees With a Minigun

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Three Siblings Share a Birthday

Road Camera That Counts Car Occupants

Jumbo Jet Pilot Sacked For ‘Fly-By’ At 28 Feet

Crowds Flock to Monkey 'Wedding'

German Police Dogs to Wear Shoes

Awesome Bunny Animation

Colour-Blind Artist Learns To Paint By Hearing

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Twining Motion of Vines

Plane Crashes into Couple's Garden

The Woman Who Keeps 75 Hibernating Tortoises in Her Fridges

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