More links for 31 Oct 2007

Bowling Ball Hits Windshield, Misses Driver

1891 Orange on Display

Ants Can Tell When They Are Going To Die

"supergran", 84, Skydives For Charity

The 500 Million-Year-Old Jellyfish Fossil

Snail on Face Record Attempt

Couple Offer Refund On House When They Die

Podgy Pets in Fit Challenge

Dog Saves Girl from Snake

Geek’s Tomb

Happy Halloween!

Expensive Painting Found In Cheap Pullout Couch

Company Sells Bottled Water For Dogs

Firefighter Performs CPR On Cat

Hubble Captures Galaxies's Gravity Dance

More links for 30 Oct 2007

Barber Still Snipping Away Aged 99

Army Tests James Bond Style Tank That Is 'Invisible'

Bugatti Veyron versus Eurofighter Typhoon

Amazing Wall Illusion

Upside-Down Performance

Girl, 3, Lone Survivor of Plane Crash

New Mobile Phone Offers Free Internet Calls

Giant Grouper to Feed 500 People

Joey Chestnut Breaks World Record in Hamburger Eating

Strange Adam's Apple

Boy Wonder Who Can Speak 11 Languages

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